4th Quarter Hue Shift Afghan Done!

Hue Shift Afghan Q1-4 wide

Mitered squares are done!  I finished this last quarter of the hue shift afghan faster than any others.  I’m really eager to finish this off but of course there’s the seaming and that border.  Since I don’t hate myself I have been weaving in the ends along the way.  I can’t recommend this highly enough!  Can you image having 200-ish ends to weave in just when you thought you were finished?!?

Each quarter took between 30-35 hours each.  This includes weaving in all the ends and of course making mistakes.  I’m guesstimating the seaming & border will take about as much time as one of these quarters did.  That leaves me at 80% done but that’s still exciting.  I need to pick a new travel project since the blanket will be too big & heavy to carry with me!

Hence Sweater – WIP #1

Hence WIP Closeup

I’m very excited about my next garment project the Hence  sweater pattern! Show Stopper by Leading Men Fiber Arts is nice to work with and once of the least twisty or splitty yarns I’ve used.  Both things I love! Since this yarn is a “light” fingering my swatches showed that I needed to go down two needle sizes, to a size US 3 needle.  I greatly dislike when gauge is given “after blocking” but it does make sure I’m not lazy.  I blocked my swatch and I’m glad I did.   I had perfect gauge for both stitches and rows which is unheard of!

Like with my Elle Cardigan I did a lot planning. I again used  Knit to Flatter by Amy Herzog to make my alterations.  This book is quickly becoming a required stable for any sweater pattern I’ll try!  I did make quite a few changes for a better fit including:

  • Shorter total length (taken from the bottom)
  • Shorter arms
  • Extra bust shaping
  • Wider shoulder strap

The math is all worked out so hopefully the hard work is done!

Raven Wing Socks – WIP

Raven Wing Socks WIP 2I finally started a Rockin’ Sock Club pattern from back in November 2013!  I needed a good airplane/travel project and found this ready to go.  Sadly back in 2013 I did not do the best job winding the yarn.  I have a very unequal split between the two socks.  Maybe with the size small I’ll have extra and not run out for either sock. The pattern isn’t written for two at a time but looking ahead it should be easy enough to accommodate with some minor needle adjustments after the heel.

I’m not sure if it’s the needles or the yarn but I am knitting this very very tightly.  I’ve even woken up with a sore thumb from it. My other (hibernating) Rockin’ Sock Club pattern didn’t have the same issue.  Maybe I’ll start working on those again after I finish the Raven Wing socks!


3rd Quarter Hue Shift Afghan Done!

Hue Shift Afghan Q1-3I’m sure everyone thinks that this poor project has been abandoned but it has not!  Since it’s such an easy project I’ve been working on it during my knitting group meetups.  However, unlike I anticipated back in August this has not made for faster progress.  This third quarter took six months!  My cat, Loki, did get sick and interrupt all knitting project for a few months. Unfortunately, it still would have taken at least four months anyway.

What’s worse is now that my sister is pregnant again I have my eye on this Reversible Celtic Baby Blanket.  That thing is insane and perhaps over sized for a “baby” blanket.  I would never abandon my poor hue shift afghan but there’s no doubt it’ll take more than a year to finish with my eye on other projects!


Acorn Teeth – WIP

Acorn Teeth WIP


Heating an office building is always a challenge and lately my office is overly warm in the mornings and then gets quite chilly in the afternoons.  I decided a new pair of fingerless mittens would be perfect while I wait for Spring.  I wanted to try at least three colors of fair isle this time and found the Acorn Teeth pattern.

Fortunately I know that fair isle blocks fairly nicely for my tension issues in the past so I’m just having fun with this one.  I’ve never tried the after thought thumb so that’ll be fun too!