Helix Scarf – Code Name: Merlin

Helix Scarf Combo

Yarn: madelinetosh tosh lace – posy, 30/100 g
Yarn Weight: Lace
Needles: Size 1 (2.5mm) circular
Measurements: 4″ wide and 50″ long
Pattern Location: Helix Scarf
Time Spent: 23 hours
Dates: 10/7/2012 – 11/24/2012

This was the first 2012 Christmas present with the code name “Merlin.”  It was a very easy project but I wish I had made it a little bigger.  I followed the original directions but those were for a light weight small scarf that is really meant to be worn around the neck only.  I like how it looks when it can hang down but the scarf wasn’t designed to be that big.

My friend made the same scarf after she saw mine but in a fingering or sport weight instead. I really liked how that one turned out and I think I’d use a heavier yarn if I made it again.  I still really like it as a “collar” kind of scarf but more versatility would be nice.I think the biggest disappointment was after I washed it.  It seemed to make it longer but thinner and it was thin enough as it was!

The scarf was for my sister Lisa, code name Tiger Snake, and she seemed to like it.  Then again I doubt anyone would tell me if they didn’t like something I made for them =)  Lisa, if you read this you could probably wash it and lay it out to dry so that it would be shorter but wider if you want.