Stitches Midwest 2015 – Day 3

Sunday Purchases

Yesterday was the last day at Stitches Midwest.  I did not win the grand prize raffle.  Sad, I know.  I did do a little more shopping.  I bought a pink yarn bowl from Pawley Studios to match the purple mini version I bought a few years back.   I also bought the double spindle yarn buddy showing the yarn I wound Saturday for my gloves sitting on one of the spindles.  This will be awesome for two socks at a time or color work.  It’ll be a while until I can test it because neither of those projects are on my list to do soon but I’m very much looking forward to no more tangles.    Finally I bought a second skein from 2 Guys in a heavier weight but matching color for a hat project to match my gloves.

My last class at Stitches Midwest was Anatomy of a Yarn with Laura Bryant.  Wow was that a lot of info.  It was exhausting enough that I passed out just after 7 PM last night and slept for over 10 hours.  It was good info broken up by a glossary for yarn terminology the different fiber types then the different yarn types.  I learned a lot but I also realize how much I still don’t know.  That’s a bit overwhelming. Next year I’ll need more classes about yarn and fiber before I’m confident enough to know I’m picking the right yarn for a project.  I’ve never tried to knit which chenille and after this class I have no intentions of trying.  If the “worming” terminology isn’t enough to freak me out then random holes appearing in my knitting weeks after I finish it is.  No thank you.  Give me a wool fiber any day.