Nupp Rythms with Soup

I’m so glad I decided to practice the nupps before attempting chart C of the Percy Shawl.  Nupps do not come naturally for me and from all the ways I found to cheat it looks like I’m not the only one!  The Stitches class I took in August, Estonian Style: Nupps and Starflowers class with Denise Bell, taught us how to do nupps but sadly I was not one of the rockstars in that class.  The 5 stitch nupp was okay, the 7 was a struggle and I didn’t bother trying the 9. As you can see, my practice nupps are very ugly.

Bad Nupp Practice

So what are nupps?  They’re are an Estonian stitch that looks similar to a bobble.  It’s always an odd number of stitches knit into one with the pattern K1, *YO, K1* into one stitch.  Then on the next row these stitches are all purled together.  Yikes, right?

Trying this from memory and my notes was not working well so I went ahead and looked up some tutorials to get me going.  I’m still not perfect but it’s enough to get started on chart C.  Here are the tutorials that I liked best (I didn’t like the cheating ones).


Percy Shawl – WIP #4

Percy Shawl WIP Chart B Done Closeup

Now that Loki is better it’s time to finish up my WIPs.  I’ve been taking way too long to finish this shawl and want to give it to Laura sometime this year at least!  I went ahead and finished up chart B on the Percy Shawl.  The second repeat was much better than the first. This pattern takes focus and is definitely not TV knitting.

Oddly enough, I’m a little sad to be going back to those rest rows.  Now that I’ve stopped making mistakes I’m enjoying the lacework on both sides.  It’s faster and easier to find your mistakes because the stitch count is obviously off the very next row.  Plus, rest rows really are tedious.

I still need to figure out those nupps before I start on chart C.  Time to pull out my Stitches notes and practice swatch!

Percy Shawl WIP Chart B Done Full

Percy Shawl – WIP # 3

Percy Shawl WIP Chart B

Just before I went to visit my sister for Labor Day I finished the first repeat of chart B on the Percy Shawl.  Did I ever complain about that boring rest row in lace patterns?  That was dumb.  I would like them back please.  I have never made so many mistakes and as I have on this chart B.

About half way through I did finally find that cadence I love so much with lace knitting but it was a painful half.  Even finding a good cadence I still keep making more mistakes than I’m used to.  I’m really missing that rest row. Did you know there’s different terminology for if a lace pattern has rest rows or not?

  • Knitted lace = patterned rows on both the right and wrong side of the pattern
  • Lace knitting = patterned rows on the right side and rest rows on the wrong side

That means I’m doing both knitted lace and lace knitting for this pattern?  Do I get extra brownie points?

Percy Shawl WIP Chart B Full

Never Ending Lace Yarn

Yarn Comp

While working on the shawl challenge, Laura kept offering up more yarn so I wouldn’t get stuck.  I kept reminding her it was lace.  I had plenty.  She didn’t look convinced.  This weekend I finally picked up not one but two more skeins of yarn for the shawl.  The top ball of yarn is brand new and never used.  The bottom yarn is what I’ve used up so far to get about a third way done.  Yup, Laura, we were in real danger there!

Percy Shawl – WIP #2

Percy Shawl WIP Chart A Closeup

Chart A for the Percy Shawl is done with 12 repeats instead of the original 4.  Hopefully this is enough to give Laura a nice sized shawl instead of one of “those tiny things I’d look ridiculous wearing.” I’m loving lace again after finishing this section and I’ve remembered/re-learned a couple more things about lace knitting.

  1. Stitch markers are your best friend. You don’t have to count hardly at all if you use them properly and fixing mistakes is much easier when you have a small section to find it in!
  2. The more repeats of a chart you do the easier it gets. You flow into the proper cadence and realize a missed stitch without consciously thinking of it.  This is the reason I love doing lace
  3. Charted patterns are the best.  It’s so much easier for me to read a chart than those long written out instructions for each row.
  4. Wrong side of lace is boring, boring, boring.  Once you’ve achieved #2 it’s no longer a relief to have a simple purl row but a chore.
  5. It’s not easy taking pictures of unblocked lace!
  6. Stitch markers are amazing.  That’s worth repeating.

Percy Shawl WIP Chart A

I’ve been trying to think of a new topic for another tutorial and think chart reading may be it.  Knitting from charts is so enjoyable and it’s sad to think of how many knitters I know don’t even want to try. Since there are several different types of charts maybe I’ll play with the idea of a series of posts for each type then consolidate into a tutorial page at the end.