Happy Easter & Acorn Teeth FO!

Acorn Teeth

  • Yarn: Knit Pick’s Palette: (12g) Whirlpool, (8g) Eggplant, (6g) White
  • Yarn Weight: Fingering
  • Needles: US Size 1 DPN
  • Pattern:  Acorn Teeth
  • Time Spent: 17 hours
  • Dates: 2/11/2016 – 3/4/2016

Happy Easter everyone!  The weather was perfect today to photograph my latest finished project (and I finally remembered to bring them home).  These are exactly what I was looking for as the Chicago weather goes wonky for the next month or two.

I’m not a huge fan of the afterthought thumb so I will probably avoid that in the future.  It’s easy to knit but not as comfortable to wear.  The biggest surprise was the Vikkel Braid.  I’m in love with this technique.  I will be keeping this in mind on new projects to give them a little extra something.

The photo is actually of my second glove after I made some tweaks. I decreased 4 stitches immediately after the Vikkel Braid for a better fit on the finger ribbing.  I also kept the same color for the entire thumb instead of casting off with a contrast color.  Lastly, you can’t see it well but I did end up cutting & re-starting more ends instead of carrying the yarn up for a neater beginning/end of round transition.

P.S. The tea in my mug is Argo Tea’s green tea ginger twist.  Yummy, and all gone now.

Acorn Teeth – WIP

Acorn Teeth WIP


Heating an office building is always a challenge and lately my office is overly warm in the mornings and then gets quite chilly in the afternoons.  I decided a new pair of fingerless mittens would be perfect while I wait for Spring.  I wanted to try at least three colors of fair isle this time and found the Acorn Teeth pattern.

Fortunately I know that fair isle blocks fairly nicely for my tension issues in the past so I’m just having fun with this one.  I’ve never tried the after thought thumb so that’ll be fun too!


Art Deco Socks – Code Name: Falcon

Art Deco

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Fingering

  • Black (22/50 g)
  • Guava (22/50 g)
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: US Size 2 (3.0 mm) DPNs
Measurements: US Shoe Size 7
Pattern Location: Knit Picks’s Art Deco Socks (heavily modified)
Time Spent: 12 hours
Dates: 12/23/2012 – 12/24/2012

Finally here’s the last 2012 Christmas present, code name “Falcon.” This was my penance project for all of my procrastination.  It was the very first pattern I picked out and I knew I would make it for my sister Lisa, code name Tiger Snake. I was even procrastinating two days before I had to have all the gifts done.  This left me with a pair of socks to complete in one day.  Now, I’d planned on it taking 8 hours so it wasn’t too bad but the 12 hours it actually took did start to get a bit rough.

The pattern is very heavily modified.  I wanted toe up instead of cuff down socks, I wanted to try anklet socks, and I wanted to use my favorite heel technique (Fleegle’s heel).  Sadly I don’t think Fleegle’s heel was the best choice with the pattern.  My original hope was to continue the main pattern on the gusset stitches but I quickly realized this was not working with the location of my increases.  I may have been able to pull it off but not without more planning time than I had left myself with.  The original heel style would have worked better but I’m still happy with how they turned out.

This was the first time I made one sock at a time instead of my usual two socks at once on circular needles.  I decided since I was doing them individuality I wanted them to be a bit different.  I alternated the main and contrast colors on the second sock and made the heel mismatch the toe/cuff on each sock.

This backfired a little bit.  After I realized I had enough yarn for two pairs I wanted to make another pair so that my sister could choose if she wanted the matched or mismatched socks each time she wore them.  I guess it paid off to procrastinate because I definitely did not have enough time for two pairs in one day!


Wasatch Backcountry Hat

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed Aran/Heavy Worsted: Toad & Chipmunk
Yarn Weight: Heavy Worsted
Needles: Size 6 circular & DPN
Measurements: 22″ circumference and 7.5″ height
Pattern Location: Wasatch Backcountry Hat
Time Spent: 6 hours
Dates: 12/20/2011 – 12/22/2011

I actually made two of these hats but the first one was made with DK weight and was a little too small.  This is the second Christmas hat for my dad.  I gave the first one to my sister when she was helping me take pictures because it fits her.  I made the second one with heavy worsted weight to make it just a little bigger.

It’s a little annoying to make because the 1X1 ribbing can be hard on the hands but it is nice and simple in both looks and knitting it.

Pink Broccus Gloves

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette

  • Cosmopolitan (34/50 g ball)
  • Blush (37/50g ball)
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Size 1 & 2 DPN
Measurements: 8″ wrist circumference and 11″ wrist to middle finger tip
Pattern Location: Broccus Gloves Pattern
Time Spent: 22 hours
Dates: 12/11/2011 – 12/20/2011

This pair is for my sister for Christmas.  It went quite a bit faster to make the second pair.  I also didn’t shorten the fingers since I’m the only one who has short fingers.  I used up quite a bit of yarn closing the holes between the fingers.  I forgot how I picked up the stitches on the first pair.  I did better there and didn’t need as much yarn to close those gaps.

It was still fun making these gloves again.  I may make another pair for myself with a different pattern but the same construction.  The pair I made for myself are still my favorite gloves I’ve ever owned, probably because the fingers aren’t too long for me =)