Nupp Rythms with Soup

I’m so glad I decided to practice the nupps before attempting chart C of the Percy Shawl.  Nupps do not come naturally for me and from all the ways I found to cheat it looks like I’m not the only one!  The Stitches class I took in August, Estonian Style: Nupps and Starflowers class with Denise Bell, taught us how to do nupps but sadly I was not one of the rockstars in that class.  The 5 stitch nupp was okay, the 7 was a struggle and I didn’t bother trying the 9. As you can see, my practice nupps are very ugly.

Bad Nupp Practice

So what are nupps?  They’re are an Estonian stitch that looks similar to a bobble.  It’s always an odd number of stitches knit into one with the pattern K1, *YO, K1* into one stitch.  Then on the next row these stitches are all purled together.  Yikes, right?

Trying this from memory and my notes was not working well so I went ahead and looked up some tutorials to get me going.  I’m still not perfect but it’s enough to get started on chart C.  Here are the tutorials that I liked best (I didn’t like the cheating ones).


Stitches Midwest 2015 – Day 2

Saturday Purchases

Today was my second day at stitches and I did buy some yarn but not too much!  Like I promised myself I also have patterns picked out for these.  First I’m going to make the Meisi Gloves with the 2 Guys Yarn Company Signature Fingering in Black Cocoa Creme.  This color matches my favorite scarf I bought in San Diego a few years ago.  I’ve had a really hard time finding something to match it so I couldn’t resist this yarn when I found it.  I’m getting the swift ready so I can wind the yarn and cast on tonight!  For the Miss Babs Katahdin green yarn I’m deciding between two patterns: Alicia Beth and Cecily Jacket. Any votes?

Before shopping, today started with the Estonian Style: Nupps and Starflowers class with Denise Bell.  I started this class a little more frazzled than yesterdays since a room hunt was involved.  Fortunately I found the spot and sat next to a really nice mom & daughter pair in the area!  That made the class a lot more enjoyable.

The class was all about learning these two Estonian techniques.  The starflower was fairly easy, the nupps didn’t go so well.  As you can see in my swatch below some turned out not quite right but I was assured they would look better after blocking. Denise was very smart and provided enough yarn for a second swatch.  In this one I knit two rows of 5 nupps then 2 rows of 7 (5 or 7 is the number of stitches knit  into the one stitch to produce the nupp).  Next swatch I’ll either practice all 7s because that’s what the Percy Shawl needs or I’ll try 7 and 9 to challenge myself.

Nupp Swatch

I’ve got one more day left to shop and go to my last class, Anatomy of a Yarn with Laura Bryant.  This is the class I was looking forward to the most.  I know which yarns feel nice but I don’t know beyond that which yarns are best for which projects.  I’ve already had a few failures from picking the wrong yarn so I’m hoping this class means I never do that again!