Ella Cardigan – Done!

Ella Finished

  • Yarn: 90g Quince & Co. Piper – San Angelo
  • Yarn Weight: Lace
  • Needles: US Size 3 & 5 circulars
  • Size: 38″
  • Pattern:  Ella Cardigan
  • Time Spent: 37 hours
  • Dates: 12/25/2015 – 2/6/2016

Sorry for the late post!  I finished this almost a month ago but I really did get caught up playing Pillars of Eternity for most of February. Over 150 game hours logged. I should be embarrassed but I’m really not. I do feel bad about being so late posting pictures! Overall I am very happy with my cardigan and how it fits.  I’m excited to pick my next garment pattern but for now maybe some smaller projects first.

American Girl Sized Ella Cardigan

AG Ella Combo

  • Yarn: 10 g (out of 25) Knit Pick’s Aloft  – Silver
  • Yarn Weight: Lace
  • Needles: US Size 1 dpns & 3 circular
  • Size: Approx. 30% of smallest size
  • Pattern:  Ella Cardigan
  • Time Spent: 8.5 hours
  • Dates: 12/12/2015 – 12/25/2015

I picked out this pattern during the Chicago Yarn Crawl in August.  I’m not confident I can successfully make a garment so I decided to make a smaller doll version first.  This way I’m familiar with the pattern and less likely to mess up the one I want to wear!

The cardigan turned out alright.  I took the pattern, kept the gauge, and then used about 30% of the stitches it said for the smallest size.  With just a couple tweaks the sizing worked out.  The portions aren’t perfect and I’m not a fan of the yarn itself but I accomplished my goal.  I know the pattern now and I know what I’m not good at.

Here’s my list of things to research so my cardigan turns out better:

  1. How to avoid holes in the underarm closures
  2. Picking up stitches more neatly (maybe I should have blocked first like the pattern said)
  3. Best way to increase/decrease while keeping the double seed stitch pattern intact

Next, the full sized Ella for me!