Petrosinella is Back!

Petrosinella WIP 2

My petrosinella sock is out of hibernation!  It has quite the history behind it already.  I started the sock in a size medium back in 2013.  I prefer knitting toe-up and I didn’t realize it was way too big until I was almost done!  That was ripped out and the small sock was started in 2014.  I finally picked it up again  a few weeks ago.  Third time’s the charm right?

I’m proud to say that I have avoided the second sock syndrome.  I decided to cast on my second pair right after I turned the heel of the first sock and was looking forward to the second sock well before the first was done.  Lucky for me I have two sets of sock size DPN needles.  I’m not sure this trick always works.  I’ll make sure to go back to two at a time for my next pair!

Meisi Gloves WIP #2

Meisi Gloves WIP

Time to finish off my next WIP, the Meisi gloves!  Before Loki got sick I had the first glove almost done.  I needed to finish the pinkie and thumb.  I finished that glove early last week but was not motivated for the second one.  Friday I decided to go around wearing the one glove in hopes that the silliness  would get me that motivation.  That alone may not have been enough but the first snow of the season sure did it and Friday night I cast on the second glove.  Go me!

The fit of the glove was pretty good.  I made the fingers a little too short because I kept stretching and pulling on the glove when trying it on. It showed the cables better.  My cable admiration caused a tight finger fit! Next glove I’ll leave the fit relaxed when getting finger lengths but probably only need another round or two to get it right.

I’m ready to get this pair done so I can start another project guilt free.  Plus I need gloves before any more snow attacks us. My goal is to finish the second glove before the weekend. Then guilt free new project here I come!