Petrosinella Socks – FO!

Petrosinella FO Right

  • Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight – Hope Springs Eternal (March 2013)
  • Yarn Weight: Fingering
  • Needles: US Size 1.5 (2.5 mm) dpn
  • Pattern:  Petrosinella
  • Size: Women’s Small
  • Time Spent: 25 hours
  • Dates: 6/15/2014 – 5/28/2016

Second 2013 Rockin’ Sock Club pattern done!  Looks like third time is the charm after all.  My first attempt at this sock was in May 2013 but that sock was frogged.  My second attempt hibernated for almost two years, but now these socks are finally done!

I found out that second sock syndrome isn’t the only risk of doing one sock at a time.  My socks aren’t quite the same size.  When I realized my first sock was a little too big I unintentionally used tighter tension on the second sock even with the same needles.  I’m really not seeing any reason to ever do one sock at a time again unless it’s absolutely necessary!

These socks are a bit big so they will probably be lounging socks.  I’m also not very happy with the color pooling.  Otherwise these socks are comfy and will be nice to wear around the house.

Meisi Gloves – Finished!

Meisi Gloves FO

  • Yarn: 53 g (half skein) of 2 Guys Signature Fingering, Black Cocoa Cream
  • Yarn Weight: Fingering
  • Needles: US Size 0 & 1 (2.0 & 2.5 mm) dpns
  • Size: Small
  • Pattern:  Meisi
  • Time Spent: 39.5 hours
  • Dates: 8/8/2015 – 11/24/2015

My goal was to finish the glove by the end of the weekend but I was so close that I finished it Tuesday night before leaving to visit family for Thanksgiving.  We had some freezing rain on the trip so I was happy to have these with me!

The second glove went better than the first, especially the fingers.  I picked up a lot more stitches between the fingers and then decreased in the following rounds to get back to the right count.  That eliminated the gaps between fingers really well.  The instructions for the thumb had similar extra stitches/decrease pattern but I think all the fingers need this.

The yarn is incredibly soft and feels amazing.  The downside is that it’s already got some fuzziness just from a long weekend of wearing and it does stretch out more than I’d like.  I haven’t picked out my next project yet but I’m thinking some fair isle gloves might be a good choice.  I really loved my first pair of knitted gloves so I’m going to look for something similar.

Meisi Gloves WIP

Meisi Gloves Attempt 2

After the gauge fiasco from my first attempt at these Meisi Gloves I’ve now caught up to what I had to rip out (and a little bit past).  These are fitting much better at the wrist. However, I am noticing that now that I’ve started the hand chart I might have to adjust again.  My stockinette gauge really is much looser than the cable or twisted knit ribbing and the palm may end up too big.  Still too early to tell.

As a side note, it’s really hard to take a picture of your own wrists/hands.

Beaded Cable Belt

Finished Belt

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Harvest (25/100 g)
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Size US 3  (3.25 mm)
Other Materials: Twisted Sister Metal Rain Beads 6/0

Butterfly Buckle (2.25″ tall by 3.5″ wide)

5 small white buttons

Time Spent: 11 hours
Dates: 8/13/2012 – 12/8/2012

I made this belt for a giveaway last month but had to wait for the winner to finish it to the right size.  I really like this belt.  It was quick and easy and I love how it turned out.  I may make myself another one in colors more to my style next year!

Belt Inside SmallThe winner chose the butterfly buckle but I will  include the silver interlocking buckles as well.  One of the reasons I love this belt is that it is adjustable in size and you can interchange different buckles.  The buckles attach by buttoning the ends down to the inside of the belt.  You can add more buttons for different sizing options.  I did 5 buttons.  Two on one side and three on the other.

Overall the whole thing went very well.  I did procrastinate and put it off a few times but now it’s done and ready to be shipped out!

Beaded Cable Belt WIP – Next Giveaway?

My attempts to go back and add posts for my missing weeks was a complete failure.  Instead I’m going to just start from where I’m at now instead of getting further and further behind in my posts!  Then I can go and fill in the old stuff.

So where am I at now?  I’m about done with a beaded belt that I plan to have as my next giveaway on the blog.  The pattern is from the class I took at Stitches Midwest: Accessorize with Beaded Belts with Judy Pascale.  The pattern uses a cinch buckle. It’s nice because you can easily swap the buckle and have a bit extra room for sizing with the buckle placement.  I’m running into two issues with this.

1. Sizing – if I’m doing a giveaway the size I make will determine how many people are interested. Should I wait to see who the winner is and finish it to their size or just let everyone know what size it will fit?

2. The Buckle – I am having the hardest time finding belt buckles.  I have a plain basic one from Joann Fabrics but this isn’t a simple belt.  It’s bright and busy and that buckle isn’t really the greatest fit.  Does anyone have anywhere they go just to buy buckles?  So far the best ideas I’ve seen are to use buckles from old belts.  I guess the winner could swap out the buckle later.

My last worry is the color.  Personally I’m very much into neutral, earth tone, or cool colors.  This belt is not my style so I have a hard time knowing if anyone else would like it.   I love the look of it but I don’t know that anyone would ever wear it. Should I even bother with a giveaway or just put it into my “oh look at the pretty thing I made” pile?