Knitter’s Sacrilege: “You Didn’t Make That, Did You?”

No, I’m not talking about the people who are impressed and amazed by your work and can’t believe that someone actually hand made that.  I’m talking about other knitters here. This is an exclamation made in shock or dismay (or both) that you, a knitter, are wearing a store bought knitted item. How could you?

Ever since it became common knowledge that I knit people have asked me this question. It’s had various meanings over time, to wow how did you do that, why would you waste that much time,  look how much patience you have, etc.  These are typically well-intentioned questions to show support or interest.  I’ve always felt a tiny bit guilty when I had to say, no, I didn’t make it (and I probably couldn’t if I tried, do you see those tiny stitches??)

This Christmas I found another meaning behind that question.  I walked into my parents house and noticed my mom staring at my head.  I was confused, did she lose her glasses, did she forget I was coming over?  But no, it was my hat.  My store bought hat from years before I even started knitting.  Asking what was wrong ended it the question “You didn’t make that, did you?”  It was not a friendly tone.

In all fairness I think my mom was just surprised.  I’m still not entirely sure what was going on in her head to be honest.  It did start me to thinking about all the other times I’d been asked that question.  So this weekend I finally finished knitting my own hat.  I still need to block it and take pics before I post it, but now, I am not guilty of knitter’s sacrilege.

Has anyone else felt this way?  As you’re shopping you see all these knitted accessories or clothes and think you couldn’t possibly buy that, you know how to make it.

SWTOR, My Knitting Hates You …

… but I sure don’t.  While I was supposed to be knitting swatches I was instead being an evil Sith. To comfort my knitting, please realize that computer games are like men, they come and go.  But like a best friend my knitting will be there waiting for me and I will always come back.

I did at least manage to buy the yarn and wind it into a center pull ball for the swatches in the Master Knitter’s program.  That’s about it. The reason for my distraction, or less politely procrastination, is of course Star Wars: The Old Republic. I will spare you the evil Sith Empire quotes floating in my head.

Until knitting takes back my attention I’ll be going for baby steps.  I’m sure before too long my obsessive interest will swing back like it always does.  If that door bell is any indication my new printer, a Canon PIXMA MG5320, was just delivered and I can finally print out patterns again and the TKGA instruction packet too.  That will be my baby step for tonight.

And one day knitting will once again reclaim its place.  BTW, does any play a Jedi?  I have yet to meet someone or hear of someone I know that decided to be one of the good guys.

Knitting Patterns & the Wayback Machine

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

Now, there is this thing on the internet called the Wayback Machine.  It’s run by the non-profit Internet Archive site.  Normally it’s just a fun little tool to go back and see how your favorite sites looked a few years ago and laugh.  Recently I’ve found another reason to love this Wayback Machine.  It keeps knitting patterns that would have been lost.

If a yarn company publishes a free pattern to promote the use of its yarn and then goes out of business, it’s gone.  Goodbye pattern.  Hello Wayback Machine.

I was very annoyed back in October because I was looking for a basic fair isle hat with ear flaps to make my sister-in-law. Simple is the key here.  It was a little difficult to find. The first three hats I found went to dead links or the hat on the picture was completely different from the instructions.

So, you guessed it, the fourth pattern was saved by the Wayback Machine.  I finally got a chance to start knitting the pattern this weekend and remembered my hero the Wayback Machine.

Just remember if you ever need a pattern that you think is lost forever after a site shuts down, check the Wayback machine.  If I had any artistic skill I would be making a cartoon superhero of the Wayback machine.  Instead, here’s a fun comic I found while looking for the URL.

Life is Getting in the Way

I am getting so behind in my knitting.  I don’t like it at all.  I’ve had a sinus infection for a couple of weeks. It was better for a few days after I went to the doctor but then it came back.  I’ll have to make another appointment this week.

Today when I woke up I was so excited.  It was the first morning all week I didn’t have a headache.  I was going to get knitting done today.  Then I sat up.  Ouch.  I guess 3 hours of leaf cleanup hurts the next day.  Now, of course, you might think.  How could it not.  I mean last year I was sore for days.  The thing is that I got this: Toro Electric Blower/Vacuum.

It’s awesome.  Not as awesome as it says it is, but I still love it.  Compared to last year cleaning up my yard was so much easier.  I thought I was exhausted because, well, I’d had yogurt and a piece of apple pie to eat.  That was it.  I guess holding this vacuum and emptying the bag is more work than I thought.  So now my arms, legs, and back hurt and I don’t want to knit again.

Knitting is Changing My Favorite Season

I think knitting has changed my favorite season.  For years I’ve loved late spring all the way through August.  Somehow knitting is changing my favorite season to fall.  It makes no sense.  I have fall allergies, I hate the cold, and I miss the sunlight.

Last week I was leaving for work in the dark and coming home during sunset. With daylight saving time now I’m leaving for work at sunrise and coming home in the dark.  How much more depressing could it get? Okay so technically it is still light outside when I leave work but it’s dark by the time I get home so close enough.

But … all of a sudden these knit hats, glove, scarves, sweaters, and more start coming out.  How can I hate fall when I get to see all these different designs and try and figure out how they were done?  I’ve always preferred fall clothing even before I started knitting so maybe that left the door open.  Somehow this year I just can’t stop noticing all the knitting.

I’ve only been knitting a few years, how else is it going to take over my life?