Quick Knitting Info

Knitting Style: Continental
Preferred Cast-on: Long tail
Tension Control: One yarn wrap around middle finger, one or more wraps around index finger
Favorite Online Yarn Shop: Knit Picks
Favorite Needles: Knit Pick’s interchangeable harmony wood circular needles
Favorites Fiber: Wool
Favorite Project: Estonian lace scarf for my niece, Molly

My start to knitting came as one of my yearly new hobbies I decided to try out.  I started late summer of 2009 by renting a DVD and some books from the library and things took off from there.

My name is Leslie and I live in the western suburbs of Chicago. I wasn’t all that consistent with knitting until late 2010 when I decided to knit some Christmas presents.  It was an impulsive decision that was made quite late.  I ended up knitting more hours a day than ever before and for a longer time frame than before.  Since then I’ve been addicted and get quite irritable if I go too long without a knitting project.

My dad gets the credit for the name of the blog.  As my knitting addiction has grown my dad will often greet me with a question on how many stitches I have left in my current project. While I was working on the Diatom Shawl and discussing how there are nearly 60,000 stitches he modified the Lao Tzu quote of  “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”  I told him I liked it and would use it and I did. =)

I can be reached here on the blog, at singlestitchknit [at] gmail [dot] com, and I also have a Ravelry account with user name singlestitchknit.