2016 Chicago Yarn Crawl Starting

The 2016 Chicago yarn crawl is starting this weekend!  It runs from 7/30 – 8/7.  Last year I hit 10 local yarn stores, I think I’m going to try for them all this year.  This weekend I’m starting off with my knitting group to hit region 1 and maybe region 3 if we have enough time.  Those are the hardest for me to get to so this should give me a good shot at getting them all!

The sad news is that two out of my three favorite local yarn shops aren’t on the list this year.  Gentler times re-combined into one storefront and closed down the store in downtown Naperville and Wool & Company in St Charles is doing some mysterious re-opening of their store in October.  It’s sad to see what happens in just one year to these local shops. If you live in the area go enjoy the yarn crawl this year and support your local yarn shop!


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