Chicago 2016 YarnCon

YarnCon 2016

A couple weeks ago I went to Chicago YarnCon with some knitting friends.  This was my first year going; I never knew it existed before!  YarnCon is like a miniature Stitches if you’ve ever attended that.  It’s basically a yarn convention/fair geared toward the indie shops instead of the more well known places. I was surprised not to see those big name yarns but that was silliness on my part more than anything!

I’m happy to report that I stayed on budget and didn’t go crazy as you can see above.  I am firmly entrenched in the no pattern = no yarn buying rule.  That doesn’t stop me from buying more cute stitch markers though!  I bought some self striping sock yarn for my friend Laura’s birthday from KnitCircus Yarns.  KnitCircus was one of the busiest booths with a lot of fun stuff.  I lean towards boring colors so it was fun to shop for someone else!

The brown yarn is Show Stopper by Leading Men Fiber Arts for my Hence Sweater project.  I love this color. I’ve have a really hard time finding a brown I like.  Most of them are too red for me, but this one was perfect.  Hopefully I feel the same way when I’m wearing it!

After this, I’m thinking this is my list of  preferred yarn shopping experiences:

  1. Chicago Yarn Crawl (July 30 – August 7th this year!)
  2. Chicago YarnCon
  3. Stitches Midwest (August 4-7th this year)
  4. Online Stores

I do still prefer Stitches for classes.  I’ve never went to VOGUEKnitting Live but it doesn’t look like it’s in Chicago this year.  Any other yarn events I’ve been missing out on that I should try in the Chicago area?


  1. I can’t wait to start my socks – you know me well, I LOVE the colorway you chose for me, self striping is the my favorite 🙂

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