Inventory # 3 – Brava Yarn

Brava Inventory

I’ve been lazy.  I haven’t done any inventories in over six months.  If I’m being honest with myself I probably wouldn’t have done another one now except that I’ve been sick for the last two weeks.  There’s been no knitting since the Meisi Gloves. Since I have no interesting knitting to show I figured the least I could do was continue my much delayed organization.

For the first step to inventory my stash, here’s the Knit Pick’s Brava I’ve accumulated over the years.  My Ravelry Stash is updated including dye lots if I had the label.  I found 20 different Brava yarns which added up to almost 40 skeins.  To be fair around half of that is for my Hue Shift Afghan. But still!  How did I get that much?

I’ll just have to take comfort that now I’ll be able to check if I already have the Brava colors I need before I buy more!


  1. HA – you are catching up to me! Hope you feel better soon.

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