Nupp Rythms with Soup

I’m so glad I decided to practice the nupps before attempting chart C of the Percy Shawl.  Nupps do not come naturally for me and from all the ways I found to cheat it looks like I’m not the only one!  The Stitches class I took in August, Estonian Style: Nupps and Starflowers class with Denise Bell, taught us how to do nupps but sadly I was not one of the rockstars in that class.  The 5 stitch nupp was okay, the 7 was a struggle and I didn’t bother trying the 9. As you can see, my practice nupps are very ugly.

Bad Nupp Practice

So what are nupps?  They’re are an Estonian stitch that looks similar to a bobble.  It’s always an odd number of stitches knit into one with the pattern K1, *YO, K1* into one stitch.  Then on the next row these stitches are all purled together.  Yikes, right?

Trying this from memory and my notes was not working well so I went ahead and looked up some tutorials to get me going.  I’m still not perfect but it’s enough to get started on chart C.  Here are the tutorials that I liked best (I didn’t like the cheating ones).


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