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Knit 1st Quarter of Hue Shift Afghan!

Hue Shift Afghan Q1 MessyI finished knitting the first quarter of my nice easy project, the Hue Shift Afghan.  It took me 32 hours.  Looks like my 150 hour estimate is still on track.  The big mystery will be how long that final border takes!

The mitered squares are pretty easy.  As I should have learned from my practice squares the cast on gauge is very important  My very first square is noticeably smaller than the others.  In fact I’m a bit worried that the squares got bigger and bigger each row.  I might have to wash it and see if that’s really true.  Not sure if I should try to block each quarter by itself or wait until it’s all done.  I guess I have some research to do on Ravelry! While I’m at it I may look at how people are picking up stitches.

The most difficult thing for me are the squares in one color.  I think only one of the five didn’t have to be ripped back a few rows to fix a missing or extra decrease.  The alternating colors really help to signal the decrease row.

Hue Shift Afghan Q1 Front

Hue Shift Afghan Q1 Side

Hue Shift Afghan Q1 Close