Nice Easy Project


Hue Afghan Yarn

Onto my first (planned) step to regain knitting ground; a nice easy project. I picked the decor kit for Knit Pick’s Hue Shift Afghan. While it’s a big project it’s also repetitive enough to get me started.  Some research into Ravelry turned up the Hopje’s décor color modifications where the quarter squares colors are flipped.  Like many others I like this version better than the original.

While I waited for my yarn I practiced with some Brava Sport I had lying around; I really need to inventory all this yarn I’ve bought over the last few years!  I must have been feeling patriotic based on how my practice turned out.

Hue Shift Afghan Gauge

My gauge is not the perfect 5” squares so I’m a little worried about running out of yarn as  other people on Ravelry reported. Okay, I’m almost certain I will but I’ll take that into account if I ever do a second afghan.  Two notes for myself based off my practice squares: first the cast on gauge is critical for non-wonky squares and borders, second I’m looking at about a 150 hour project.  This will be a huge accomplishment towards getting back on track and I’ll have an awesome blanket at the end!


  1. […] finished knitting the first quarter of my nice easy project, the Hue Shift Afghan.  It took me 32 hours.  Looks like my 150 hour estimate is still on track. […]

  2. […] may have taken over a year and around 150 hours of work, but I’m done.  Plus, I accomplished my original goal to regain some knitting ground!  I’ve regained most, if not all, of the skill I had before […]

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