Archives for May 6, 2015

Blog Reboot – Knitting Again!

Hello everyone, it’s time to restart my blog! What better way to get started than a brand new look.  So here I am, new look and new location. Hope you found me!

I’ve been away a few years but never intended such a long abandonment of not only Single Stitch but knitting in general.  This year I need to regain my former knitting glory. In 2012 I was writing patterns (okay just two), attended Stitches, won a prize for Knit Pick’s Pinterest contest, started TKGA’s master knitter program, attempted my first sweater, and made awesome Christmas presents.  This year I had to look up how to cast on!  How embarrassing.

How am I going to make up for lost ground? Slow and steady; remember every journey begins with a single step *ahem* stitch.  First, pick a nice easy project.  Second, take on the tedious task to inventory and organize of all my yarn and knitting gear.  Wish me luck!