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Beaded Cable Belt

Finished Belt

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Harvest (25/100 g)
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Size US 3  (3.25 mm)
Other Materials: Twisted Sister Metal Rain Beads 6/0

Butterfly Buckle (2.25″ tall by 3.5″ wide)

5 small white buttons

Time Spent: 11 hours
Dates: 8/13/2012 – 12/8/2012

I made this belt for a giveaway last month but had to wait for the winner to finish it to the right size.  I really like this belt.  It was quick and easy and I love how it turned out.  I may make myself another one in colors more to my style next year!

Belt Inside SmallThe winner chose the butterfly buckle but I will  include the silver interlocking buckles as well.  One of the reasons I love this belt is that it is adjustable in size and you can interchange different buckles.  The buckles attach by buttoning the ends down to the inside of the belt.  You can add more buttons for different sizing options.  I did 5 buttons.  Two on one side and three on the other.

Overall the whole thing went very well.  I did procrastinate and put it off a few times but now it’s done and ready to be shipped out!

TKGA MHK1 Hiatus

I realized that I left my progress with the TKGA Level 1 Master Hand Knitter program unknown.  I had originally wanted to try to catch up with some back posts but quickly decided to start back up in January.  Why?  Well honestly I just had things that were more fun or more important to me and this was the area I let go of for the year.  So what have I been doing instead?

1. Work – I got a promotion when my boss left and a lot of my mental resources have been used towards learning my new roles.  I’m in a good spot now but for a while there I was coming home exhausted every night.

2. My First Sweater – I wanted to finish this by Christmas.  The main reason was that I wanted my sister to take pics of me wearing it when she was in town that week. I may not need this anymore …

3. My Camera – I upgraded to a DSLR camera in part due to jealousy of the photos my sister is able to take and in part because without natural sunlight I turned out to be a horrible photographer.

4. Christmas Presents – I’d hoped to knit more presents this year but it looks like I’ll just get done what I can.  I’m making my favorites first =)

5. Family Time – I noticed that my two youngest nieces were growing up so fast that I was missing all of it!  I have no plans for kids of my own so I want to enjoy all my nieces and nephews (the plural on the nephews is hopeful) before the kids are teenagers and it’s not cool to spend time with your aunt.

So there you go.  I have not forgotten about the TKGA MHK1 and will be starting back up in about a month!

My First Sweater – Waist Shaping

Waist ProgressA couple of things happened this past weekend with my sweater.  My mom let me take her old dress form, I started the neck shaping, and I was able to try on the sweater for the first time.

There is good news and bad news.  The good news is that the waist shaping itself fits quite well.  The bad news is that I was not careful enough with my gauge once the neck pattern started.  If I wear it so my waist hits the correct spot my neckline starts indecently low.  Like before my bust even starts indecently low.  If I wear it up higher so the neck fits then the waist shaping is all wrong.

I really only have two choices now.  Rip back to before the neckline starts or rip all the way back to where the  neck pattern cabling starts.  Either way I’m losing hours of work; it just depends on what I can make work.  What I should have done was work with the center two knit columns for a few extra inches while working the waist shaping before starting the neck pattern.  When the neckline was ready to start then I would have been in the correct position.  Sadly I didn’t do this.

When I was recalculating the pattern for the waist decreases I was very careful.  I calculated the number of rows to get the inches I wanted and the number of stitches to decrease across those inches.  The decreases I’m quite happy with.  The tricky part was increasing after the waist was completed.  In this pattern the waist shaping increases and the neck cable pattern start together.  I was paying so much attention trying to get the neck cables right that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t recalculated the row gauge for this section.

Waist Shaping

Besides my row gauge mess up I also tried something a little different with the increases.  If you look carefully the decreases at the bottom were done on the stitches just before the first knit rib column.  This distorted the column and pulled the stitches a bit on those rows.

When I got to the increases I wanted to try to avoid distorting the ribbing columns so I made the increases two stitches over from the first knit column.  I think next time I will just let that knit column get distorted because those increases stand out a little too much for me.

The decreases are also much more gradual than the increases.  I have a high waist so having the increases closer together did work out fitting quite well.  Unfortunately it caused those increases to stand out even more.

Overall the waist shaping went okay.  Next time I’ll look for increases that blend in better.  I followed the pattern but I think a different increase would look nicer.

Next post will be on that neckline and of course how I managed to fix it =)

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