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TKGA Master Hand Knitter 1 – Shameful Post #2

Week: 8

Currently Working On: None


Not only did I not work on my TKGA MHK1 program last week I didn’t even get to my shameful post on Sunday. I didn’t work on any other knitting projects either. I also didn’t go grocery shopping, cut the grass, laundry, or anything else.  I thought about back dating the post to make it look like I posted on Sunday but that’s cheating.

There are two reasons for my laziness.  First, allergies are kicking my ass.  Second, my boss is leaving the company and I’m using up all my brain power trying to squeeze as much info as I need from him before his last day.  I used all the energy I had this weekend to spend time with my niece and nephew and I’m happy with my choice!

What is really worrying me is all the time I spent sleeping on my couch.  I fall asleep without any intention of doing so and wake up the next morning.  Still on the couch.  Last week I’d say it’s about 70% sleeping on the couch and 30% in bed.  I guess that means I have a comfortable couch.  Plus side is I’m getting more hours of sleep.