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Phone Numbers and Escort Services

I need a new phone number.  This is the third weekend in a row I’ve had a few calls from men inquiring about an escort service.  Why do you ask?  Because idiots don’t realize that you still need a 1 before the area code when calling from a land line phone.  We looked it up months ago when I got my first suspicious call to see what number they were trying to dial.  I guess this escort service has been doing some marketing because the calls are coming a lot more often!

You think if I call the police they can do something about it?  I mean leaving a room number in your message for an escort service doesn’t seem legal to me.  There was one really creepy guy who said “not to be like that” when I told him it was the wrong number.  Talk about a bad vibe.

TKGA Master Hand Knitter 1 – Swatch 4

Week: 6

Currently Working On: Swatch # 4


I thought it was time to get back to knitting so I knitted swatch 4 this week.  It was pretty easy as it used the same technique, the bar increase, that I used for the ribbing increases in my previous swatches.  There really wasn’t much to do besides knit the swatch.  The only thing to take into consideration was what stitch to knit the increase into.  The swatch requires a 3 stitch selvage on both the right and left edges which means the increase is done on different stitches on each side.

The bar increase has the “bar” portion created from KFB on the left side of the stitch.  For the right edge of the swatch the increase can be done on the last selvage stitch as the third stitch will have the normal stitch to the right of the bar.  On the left side the increase has to be done before the selvage stitches, in this case on the 4th stitch.  Otherwise the bar would be in the middle of the left edge selvage stitches.


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