Archives for August 9, 2012

Knit Picks Endless Summer Contest Runner-Up!

Wow! Knit Pick’s announced the winners for it’s Endless Summer contest today and I was a runner-up winner!  I’m very excited and this was a fun contest.

I have to admit when I first got the e-mail I actually searched online to see if it was some kind of hoax.  Maybe someone had hacked the info for everyone who entered and sent us all an e-mail.  I’m not sure what it says about me that my first thought was that someone was playing a prank rather than that I was actually one of the winners =)

I want to thank my sister again.  If not for her blog with all her pins and for the fabulous red wine sangria she made in Florida I probably wouldn’t have been motivated enough to enter the contest.  She actually went into her computer’s recycle bin to pull out some pics of the wine for me.  I have a great family.

Here are the links to my board if you want to see the full version and the announcement for the other winners.  I loved that game of thrones board (even if for personal reasons I refuse to read more of that series until it’s complete). I will be sure to post pics when I get my prize goodies.  I can’t wait!  Thank you Knit Picks!!