Travelling Roses Scarf Giveaway – WINNER

I don’t trust random number generators (I saw too many bad ones in college) so I went the old fashion way to pick a winner.

And the winner is: knittaroo!! Congratulations!  I sent you an e-mail and you have 72 hours to send me your mailing address.





Thank you everyone who entered, especially those who spread the word. I was worried I wouldn’t get 25 entries, was secretly hoping for 43 (one for each hour it took to knit), and I’m absolutely thrilled to have had over 50 entries.



  1. names drawn from a knitted bag too! =D

  2. Thank you so much! I already responded to your mail but wanted to say again how happy I am about this.
    I love lace shawls and wear them as accessories all the time (except in the summer heat) and used to knit them a lot but I haven’t been able to knit for a while because of carpal tunnel syndrome. So it’s a really special treat to get such a beautiful lace shawl to brighten up the grey autumn days in a few months. Again, thank you!