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Striped Knee High Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Aquarium – 2 skeins
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Size US 2 (2.75mm) circular
Measurements: Women’s medium
Pattern Location: Basic Knee High Toe Up Socks
Time Spent: 28 hours
Dates: 5/1/2012 – 5/28/2012

I’ve finished another pair of knee high socks.  These fit much better than my last pair of knee high socks. I made a lot of progress with getting this pattern formally written up and I’m really happy with this latest pair.  My only regret is that I ran out of yarn and would have liked to make them about an inch higher.

I think I will make one more pair with a few little tweaks and finish adding some fitting tips before I publish the pattern.


Gift Bag

Yarn: Knit Picks Simply Organic Cotton Marshmallow (100/100g)
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Needles: Size US 5 dpn
Measurements: 17″ circumference and 7″ height
Pattern Location: Ravelry’s Sock Baggie
Time Spent: 10 hours
Dates: 5/14/2012 – 5/20/2012

I’ve been teaching a friend at work how to knit and her birthday is coming up.  I decided to get her a knitting type present but I thought it would be fun to knit the “wrapping paper” so to speak and went searching for a pattern I could use as type of gift bag.  Since I was teaching her to knit her first pair of socks I thought this pattern was great.  It was designed to carry sock projects and it looked close enough to a gift bag.

I actually really like this bag but I think it photographs poorly.  It’s cotton and it’s white so all my tension changes are very obvious.  I was hoping that washing it would help with that but unfortunately it looks like the beads I used ended up leaking their colors onto the white bag a little.  Fortunately I still have the pictures before that happened =)

So, I’m thinking if I have time I will make another bag that’s not cotton and not white.  Also, I had to pre-string the beads because the yarn was too thick for the crochet hook method.  I think it looks better with the crochet hook method so I will also look for beads with a wider center.  Hopefully I have time because I still like the idea.

Winding Yarn

I managed to wind all my yarn hanks on Thursday.  I think it will be a lesson to me about procrastination.  I had about three months of laziness waiting for me.  Imagine if I was buying at my normal pace. My arm was actually getting tired by the end of it.  Then I went bowling last night for the first time in years and I still have my knitted gift bag to finish off today.  Not to mention my socks.  I’m tired.  I think I will use my left hand the rest of the day.

Yarn Addict?

I wonder what really makes a yarn addict?  I’ve never applied the term to myself because I don’t go out and buy more and more yarn.  I need to plan a project before I’ll look around for new yarn and this year I’ve tried to start looking at what I already have first.

Maybe because I’m not buying yarn every single month (or twice a month) it’s opened new doors.  I can’t think of another reason why I love looking at pictures of yarn.  Yarn hanks are the best and I will look through knitting or spinning blogs just for a peek at some yarn pictures.  This is new.  I used to have very little interest in the pictures until there was knitting.  I needed to feel the yarn before I cared much of what it looked like unknitted.

I’m getting a little concerned. I look at these pics and I have no desire to obtain this yarn I’m looking at but simply enjoy looking.  It’s weird.  Isn’t it?

Tomorrow I have a mass yarn winding session planned so here are the pics of some of my yarn.  My own yarn pictures don’t really interest me so I guess I’m some sort of yarn peeping tom instead of a yarn addict?

Warning: Beware Circular Needle Lengths

I did it again.  I always forget that a 16″ circular needle does not mean the cable is 16″ but that the entire needle  from tip to cable to tip is 16″.  Am I the only one who does this?  It wouldn’t be so bad except that to get a 16″ circular needle the needle tip portion ends up so much smaller!

Look how much smaller the needle tip is with 24″ vs 16″ circular needles.  The 24+” fixed circular as well as the interchangeable needle tips are all the perfect size.  Sometimes I want just a little bit smaller of a cable and this is how I got into my current mess.  I go down to 16″ and end up with a tiny needle tip that I now have to hold differently and that messes with my tension and gauge.

I have no excuse for this.  The Knit Picks circular needle description says how the needles are measured.  It’s very clear and even tells me how long the needles tips are. I just can’t seem to get it to stick in my head. I’m hoping that next time I’m tempted to buy 16″ circular needles I will look back here and remember the reason is a was a bad idea the first time and an even worse idea the second time.  If I’m lucky there will be no third time.

I realized my mistake pretty quickly while I was knitting my new pair of socks.  The tension isn’t as consistent and it’s taking a little bit longer to get any progress on them. I’ve just finished the heel and I have new 24″ needles coming in this week.  Hopefully my socks speed up after that.