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30 Days of Knitting Questions – Day 28

Continuing my posts from the tumblr account Crafts and Such that has a list of 30 knitting questions; one for each day.

Day 28: Do you do any other crafts besides knitting? What are they, and did learning to knit come before or after learning these other crafts?

I did origami as a kid.  I remember my parents bought us an origami book and we would try to follow along with my dad.  My favorites were the lily and the rose but the rose was really hard to do.  I must have liked it the most because I had that book in my room for a long time.  I also remember buying all this bright paper and having to use the paper cutter to make different size squares.  My parents never really bought actual origami paper.

My mom taught us how to make beaded jewelry.  I remember her teaching me and my sisters how to make safety bin bracelets with beads.  I’m not sure how long I did this but I do know at my mom’s last garage sale she still had my plastic bead organizer filled with small beads.  Maybe I should see if she still has it. I might be able to use it for knitting.

When I was in high school I started teaching myself to crochet.  My boyfriend at the time could crochet but I never got anywhere with it.  Even today I can’t seem to crochet well.  Unlike knitting, crocheting still hurts my wrists.  I’m sure there were lots of other crafts I did up until I went to college.  My closest had an entire section of shelves devoted to all my different craft staff.

During college I started doing cross stitch.  I’d tried it a bit before but only very simple patterns.  I didn’t have the patience for the larger projects so I gave that up after a while too.  I tried sewing but it was pretty miserable.  I can sew straight and make simple things but all my attempts at clothes were just depressing.

After working full time for a few years I took some drawing and watercolor classes.  I really enjoyed watercolors and I still think I should pull out my supplies for that again.  I think I could be good at it but I never really had ideas on what to paint.  If I ever go back to watercolors I would need more organized classes to give me a direction or goal to work towards.

Wow, I was actually going to answer this question with “no” originally.  I never realized just how many hobbies and crafts I’ve had going on my whole life.  How did I end up working with computers?