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30 Days of Knitting Questions – Day 26

Continuing my posts from the tumblr account Crafts and Such that has a list of 30 knitting questions; one for each day.

Day 26: Have you ever been a part, or wanted to be a part of a knit-a-long? What was it? If not, why?

I haven’t done a knit-a-long and I’ve never wanted to.  I think the main reason is that whenever I hear about one it’s already over. If I knew more knitters then it could be a lot of fun but right now I have other projects I’d rather work on.

One thing that I really do wish I could do is the Socktopus’ Knit Love Club.  It’s a club that sends you sock yarn every other month along with a sock pattern or two.   It would kind of be like a KAL since all the members could potentially be making the same socks with the same yarn at some point.

I saw a post about the club earlier this year but it was already closed for 2012 memberships. I’m not sure if this is a club that sells out really quickly or if you just have to sign up at a particular time.  Either way I’m going to have to watch for announcements for 2013 because I really want to do this.