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30 Days of Knitting Questions – Day 24

Continuing my posts from the tumblr account Crafts and Such that has a list of 30 knitting questions; one for each day.

Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern or dyed your own yarn? How did it turn out?

I have never tried to dye my own yarn.  I have enough problems picking out colors I can’t imagine that it would be a good idea to dye my own.

I have made up my own patterns but they have all been improvised.  I’ve never formally written up a pattern or written complete instructions.  That’s what I’m currently trying to do with my knee high socks.  Everything I’ve improvised I’ve been happy with but it’s all been basic stuff.  One day I’m hoping I’ll come up with some of my own designs but I think that’s pretty far down the line right now.