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New Tutorial: How to Wind a Center Pull Ball

This tutorial wasn’t planned but I had my camera out while I was winding a couple of yarn hanks and decided it might be fun to write a tutorial on what to do.  The tutorial is available here: How to Wind a Center Pull Ball.  It’s written to use a yarn swift and winder.  However, there are also links to how to make a center pull ball by hand if you don’t own these.

The yarn hank I used was Knit Pick’s Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace – Bayou.  I’m a bit obsessed with this yarn.  Maybe more than a bit.  I started using it before I even finished writing the tutorial.  I might even make a Gravatar based on the yarn.  If anyone has any pics of finished projects with this yarn I would love to see it.  Again … just a little obsessed.

Ambigram Scarf

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette Coriander Heather (90g)
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Needles: Size 5 circular
Measurements: 6″ wide and 60″ long
Pattern Location: Ravelry Ambigram Scarf
Time Spent: 27 hours
Dates: 2/18/2012 – 3/18/2012

This is the completed scarf that I had a WIP post for.  I changed the pattern a little bit but not much.  As I said in the previous post it has smaller beads than listed in the pattern.  I also skipped a few repeats because of the larger gauge so it wouldn’t get too wide.  The last change was to add an intentional twist on the joining of the round.  I don’t like infinity scarfs that don’t twist because I think they look funny at their lowest point.

This is a nice simple pattern with easy repeats to remember.  It is all knits and purls with the beads being the only element that took some work.

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Updated Norwegian Purl Tutorial

I always meant to go back to my first tutorial and clean it up a little but I never did.  I finally found the time and have cleaned up the web version, fixed a typo on step 2 of the PDF version, and added another PDF version to closely match the web version.  The tutorial is available here.

I also realized that I never made any mention of why I learned the Norwegian purl or I don’t remember if I did.  When I first started looking at TKGA’s Master Knitter programs I realized that my ribbing was not pretty at all.  It was quite embarrassing after I saw some really nice even ribbing on other people’s work. I went through a lot of suggestions and a lot of hints but I never really got nice even ribbing with any of these.  The Norwegian purl was my last desperate attempt and it gave better results than any of the other techniques.

My ribbing is still one of my weakest knitting skills in my opinion but there was definitely a lot of improvement.  I have a lot more tension control of the ribbing now and if I pay enough attention I can get it fairly neat. My 1×1 ribbing is still a bit embarrassing to me but I really prefer 2×2 ribbing anyway.

I’ll have to dig out the other techniques I found at some point in case those would help other people trying to fix their ribbing tension.

Bonus – Sneak Preview Infinity Scarf WIP

Here’s a bonus – two posts in the same day =)

The main thing I am working on right now is an infinity scarf for my sister, the one in the Chicago area not FL.  Since I had my camera out for the Snowflake Hat I decided to take a few extra pics so my sister could see her scarf progress (Anyone who doesn’t knit – the green circles are stitch counters so I can keep track of the pattern. They are not part of the scarf):

The pattern is for the Ambigram Scarf on Ravelry.  I’m about 30% done. The only modification I’ve made is to use smaller beads and a slightly larger gauge.  The beads were a last minute idea and I didn’t want to go too over board with the larger beads.  Plus I already had the 11/0 white seed beads.

I’m liking the pattern and this is my first time using beads as well.  My biggest concern at this point is that the scarf has too much brown in the color.  It’s one of those colors that seem to change depending on what it’s next to. Hopefully it will work with the outfit my sister has planned.

Snowflake Hat

Yarn: Knit Picks Full Circle: Passion & Rock
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Needles: Size 5 DPN
Measurements: 20″ circumference and 7.5″ height
Pattern Location: Snowflake Hat (modified)
Time Spent: 6.5 hours
Dates: 1/11/2012 – 1/23/2012

This is the hat from my Knitter’s Sacrilege post awhile back that I’m finally posting.  I really miss my sister taking picture for me.  She’s better at it and her camera is much better as well.  Oh well.  Traveling to FL for my sister to take pictures of all my knitting is not practical.

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