Archives for February 2012

Started Tracking Knitting Spending

I’ve got my new page up to track my 2012 knitting spending.  So far I’m up to about $300 this year.  I did cheat a little by including the last week of 2011.  I placed quite a few orders that week in my impatience for the new year.  I figure since I paid the credit card bill in 2012 I can still include it =)

Once again, I’m not looking to budget or limit my spending.  It just seems that a lot of people end up asking how much I spend for some reason.  Maybe to see if they can afford to start a new hobby or just to feel better about how much they spend themselves.  I have no idea, but now I’m curious how much of my money is actually going into knitting each year.

SWTOR – Your Grip is Loosening … Knitting – I’m Back

So there are plus sides and down sides to leaning towards an obsessive personality (and some might say more than leaning).  I really enjoy whatever activity has caught my interest but everything else tends to get ignored until balance is restored.  Luckily after 2 months my SWTOR obsession is starting to balance out.  Knitting is again taking its rightful place.

I have quite a few posts to catch up from a month of neglect so expect to see:

  •  My hat FO post (from the knitter’s sacrilege)
  • 1-2 TKGA swatch posts.  I actually got them done this month but haven’t answered the questions
  • A new odds & ends page to keep track of my knitting spending for 2012.  Don’t worry it’s with no intention of curbing that spending I just want to see how much it is.

That’s all catch up.  What I’m working on now is:

  • A beaded infinity scarf for my sister
  • Socks for me
  • TGKA Master Knitter’s 1 (of course)