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Knitter’s Sacrilege: “You Didn’t Make That, Did You?”

No, I’m not talking about the people who are impressed and amazed by your work and can’t believe that someone actually hand made that.  I’m talking about other knitters here. This is an exclamation made in shock or dismay (or both) that you, a knitter, are wearing a store bought knitted item. How could you?

Ever since it became common knowledge that I knit people have asked me this question. It’s had various meanings over time, to wow how did you do that, why would you waste that much time,  look how much patience you have, etc.  These are typically well-intentioned questions to show support or interest.  I’ve always felt a tiny bit guilty when I had to say, no, I didn’t make it (and I probably couldn’t if I tried, do you see those tiny stitches??)

This Christmas I found another meaning behind that question.  I walked into my parents house and noticed my mom staring at my head.  I was confused, did she lose her glasses, did she forget I was coming over?  But no, it was my hat.  My store bought hat from years before I even started knitting.  Asking what was wrong ended it the question “You didn’t make that, did you?”  It was not a friendly tone.

In all fairness I think my mom was just surprised.  I’m still not entirely sure what was going on in her head to be honest.  It did start me to thinking about all the other times I’d been asked that question.  So this weekend I finally finished knitting my own hat.  I still need to block it and take pics before I post it, but now, I am not guilty of knitter’s sacrilege.

Has anyone else felt this way?  As you’re shopping you see all these knitted accessories or clothes and think you couldn’t possibly buy that, you know how to make it.