Archives for January 2, 2012

Knitting Patterns & the Wayback Machine

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

Now, there is this thing on the internet called the Wayback Machine.  It’s run by the non-profit Internet Archive site.  Normally it’s just a fun little tool to go back and see how your favorite sites looked a few years ago and laugh.  Recently I’ve found another reason to love this Wayback Machine.  It keeps knitting patterns that would have been lost.

If a yarn company publishes a free pattern to promote the use of its yarn and then goes out of business, it’s gone.  Goodbye pattern.  Hello Wayback Machine.

I was very annoyed back in October because I was looking for a basic fair isle hat with ear flaps to make my sister-in-law. Simple is the key here.  It was a little difficult to find. The first three hats I found went to dead links or the hat on the picture was completely different from the instructions.

So, you guessed it, the fourth pattern was saved by the Wayback Machine.  I finally got a chance to start knitting the pattern this weekend and remembered my hero the Wayback Machine.

Just remember if you ever need a pattern that you think is lost forever after a site shuts down, check the Wayback machine.  If I had any artistic skill I would be making a cartoon superhero of the Wayback machine.  Instead, here’s a fun comic I found while looking for the URL.