Knitting Lingo

There are two types of knitting lingo: pattern lingo and knitter lingo.  Pattern lingo is abbreviations or short hand that knitters learn to read in order to use a pattern. Knitter’s lingo is used by knitters to talk about their projects or experiences unrelated to reading a pattern.

Pattern lingo is easily found usually in the legend of a pattern, in basic knitting pamphlets or books.

K knit
P purl
K2TOG Decrease – knit two stitches together
SSK Decrease – slip, slip, knit
YO Increase – yarn over

Knitter’s lingo can be harder to find but here are a few links.

FO Finished Object – a completed knitting project
UFO Unfinished Object – usually refers to an abandoned project or a project not actively worked on
WIP Work in Progress – knitting project being actively worked on
Frog Pull out needles and undo your knitting – usually to fix a mistake that is not on the same row/round being worked
Tink Undo your knitting stitch by stitch – usually to fix a mistake on the same row/round being worked. (Tink is Knit backwards)
LYS Local Yarn Shop

Some links for knitter’s lingo: