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Arkadiko Socks – WIP

Arkadiko WIP

I didn’t want to finish another pair of socks without a work in progress post, so here are my Arkadiko socks barely started!  This is the fourth sock pattern I’m doing from the 2013 Rockin’ Sock Club.  I don’t think I had to worry about missing a WIP on these socks.  They’re taking forever.

The drop stitch pattern is not meant for two at a time because the stitches shift every 5th round.  That means you have to find a way to swap stitches between the front and back needles.  I had to start these several times just to get two repeats done!  Let’s hope I get better at this pattern or it may be awhile before I get to that fifth sock pattern.  Either that or I’ll have to give up doing two at a time and live with two socks that don’t quite match each other. Wish me luck!