4th Quarter Hue Shift Afghan Done!

Hue Shift Afghan Q1-4 wide

Mitered squares are done!  I finished this last quarter of the hue shift afghan faster than any others.  I’m really eager to finish this off but of course there’s the seaming and that border.  Since I don’t hate myself I have been weaving in the ends along the way.  I can’t recommend this highly enough!  Can you image having 200-ish ends to weave in just when you thought you were finished?!?

Each quarter took between 30-35 hours each.  This includes weaving in all the ends and of course making mistakes.  I’m guesstimating the seaming & border will take about as much time as one of these quarters did.  That leaves me at 80% done but that’s still exciting.  I need to pick a new travel project since the blanket will be too big & heavy to carry with me!

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