3rd Quarter Hue Shift Afghan Done!

Hue Shift Afghan Q1-3I’m sure everyone thinks that this poor project has been abandoned but it has not!  Since it’s such an easy project I’ve been working on it during my knitting group meetups.  However, unlike I anticipated back in August this has not made for faster progress.  This third quarter took six months!  My cat, Loki, did get sick and interrupt all knitting project for a few months. Unfortunately, it still would have taken at least four months anyway.

What’s worse is now that my sister is pregnant again I have my eye on this Reversible Celtic Baby Blanket.  That thing is insane and perhaps over sized for a “baby” blanket.  I would never abandon my poor hue shift afghan but there’s no doubt it’ll take more than a year to finish with my eye on other projects!



  1. Looking great so far – maybe you should knit in boring meetings? Not that any of them are boring…..

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