Ella Cardigan – WIP # 2

Ella Sleeves

I finished the sleeves up to the underarms for the Ella cardigan but they seem too short. I know there’s still more sleeve to knit after they’ve been joined to the body but it feels weird.  My doll cardigan’s sleeves were too long so maybe that means it’s perfect!

Both sleeves were knit at the same time in the round.  I didn’t want to worry about different sizes from incorrect stitch counts or slight gauge differences from one day to the next.  It was very similar to knitting two socks at once. Except I knit toe up. My cast on wasn’t the most elegant process but after I fixed that it was easy going.

I was very impressed with my speed on this cardigan until I ran across a Steam sale for Pillars of Eternity.  Now I’m a bit distracted.  I just have to win the game a couple times and I’ll get back on track!

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