Ella Cardigan – Planning

Ella Swatch

With the Ella doll version complete I’m planning my Ella cardigan project. First, I knit a swatch.  Really.  Not only did I knit the swatch I blocked it too.  I’m getting dual use out of this swatch: checking gauge and picking up stitches practice.

I love this yarn, Quince & Co Piper.  The Knit Pick’s Aloft yarn was not a good replacement. They’re both lace weight with mohair but they’re nothing alike. Piper has a heavier weight, closer to fingering, and much better stitch definition. It also feels amazing.  This was the yarn I was petting in the store and refused to put down.

Next I need to pick a size.  I read in Knit to Flatter by Amy Herzog that you should use your upper torso measurement instead of your bust when choosing a size. That allows for a good shoulder fit which is the hardest part to modify.  With an open cardigan I won’t even have to make bust modifications.  Following that rule I’m looking at the 38″ size cardigan.

My gauge was off at 5 sts & 7 rows per inch instead of 6 sts & 8 rows per inch. Luckily going down a size is a perfect fit for my gauge so I don’t have to do any modifications. That gets me to the 34″ bust size.  We’ll have to see if my planning was a success since this is not the size I would have picked for myself at the beginning!

That’s enough to get me started.  Here’s some references when I get to those tricky parts I didn’t do well on the first time around:

Underarm Holes

Picking Up Stitches

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