Percy Shawl – WIP # 3

Percy Shawl WIP Chart B

Just before I went to visit my sister for Labor Day I finished the first repeat of chart B on the Percy Shawl.  Did I ever complain about that boring rest row in lace patterns?  That was dumb.  I would like them back please.  I have never made so many mistakes and as I have on this chart B.

About half way through I did finally find that cadence I love so much with lace knitting but it was a painful half.  Even finding a good cadence I still keep making more mistakes than I’m used to.  I’m really missing that rest row. Did you know there’s different terminology for if a lace pattern has rest rows or not?

  • Knitted lace = patterned rows on both the right and wrong side of the pattern
  • Lace knitting = patterned rows on the right side and rest rows on the wrong side

That means I’m doing both knitted lace and lace knitting for this pattern?  Do I get extra brownie points?

Percy Shawl WIP Chart B Full


  1. You do, it is beautiful! 🙂

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