2nd Quarter Hue Shift Afghan Done!


Three months later and I’ve got the second quarter of my Hue Shift Afghan done. It took just over 30 hours again; my estimate is holding true!  This quarter used all ten colors so thankfully there was no dreaded single color squares.  Sadly I’m now sure I will need to buy more yarn.  I only have enough of the brown colors to get me through 2-3 squares each instead of the 5 I’ll need in the last quarter.

I’ll have to weigh all the yarn before I start that last quarter and see if I need to buy more of all the colors or just the browns.  Of course that means I’m going to have a bunch of extra yarn at the end.  Maybe I’ll see if I can track down another poor soul using these colors who can use the left overs.  I don’t really mind the cost since I’ll spend less for 10 more skeins of Brava than I did for some of the single skeins I bought during the yarn crawl but I have much better uses for my storage space than 10 skeins of unplanned acrylic.

Saturday I started the third quarter during a new (to me) meetup group, Aurora Naperville Area Knitters.  I’ve wanted to join one of these groups for awhile and I’m really glad Emily, who I met at Stitches, invited me.  Maybe this time it won’t take me three months to finish this next section!

Q1 and Q2


  1. Looks great. You could use your extra yarn to make a matching pillow or 2. 🙂

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