Yikes – Identifying Body Type

Fit BooksFor years all my shopping failures has been due to my bust measurement or my very short legs.  Naturally, this is what I’ve focused on.  However, in Melissa Leapman’s class she mentioned I was bottom heavy (I asked). While not news that I had hips I still couldn’t wrap my head around that mattering for a knit top.

Front Silhoutte Gray

I went out and bought two books, Knitting the Perfect Fit by Melissa Leapman and Knit to Flatter by Amy Herzog.  It was Amy’s book that did it for me.  Chapter 1 is discovering your body type through a photo.  Now, she didn’t suggest we silhouette our own pictures but it helped me tremendously with the distractions.  So what did I learn about myself?

  1. Yup, I’m on the bottom heavy side
  2. I have a waist line
  3. That waist line is very high and nowhere near my navel

I really love Amy’s book.  Not only does she talk about the body types defined with the frontal view but she also talks about the other considerations, like my high waist which is common for bottom heavy types.  This was critical for me because I do still have a larger bust that needs modifications no matter that I’m bottom instead of top heavy!

Here’s the advice I found for flattering sweaters in my body type.

  • Emphasize the chest and neckline
  • User vertical or “V” lines to draw the attention up
  • Go for shorter sleeves (or cuff designs to draw the attention up the arms)
  • Go for shorter sweater lengths
  • Use plain hemlines

Time to look through more patterns!

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