RIP Meisi Gloves Attempt 1

RIP Meisi Gloves


This photo will be the only evidence of my first Meisi glove attempt.  4 hours of work is about to be ripped all due to gauge.  The pattern is too stretched out when worn not attractive to me. How did this happen?   First I have small hands.  Even the size small in the pattern was a bit large for me.  Second, 9 sts per inch was not a possible gauge to achieve.  The best I got was 7 sts per inch on size 0 needles.  Even the yarn specified in the pattern gave an 8 sts per inch gauge.  I have no idea how the designer achieved the gauge she did.

I adjusted the pattern down from 65 CO stats to 48.  My math was just fine (I thought).

65 sts / 9 sts per inch  = 7.22″

7.22″ * 7  sts per inch = 50.5 sts.

Since the small was already a bit big the 48 sts should have worked out nicely with the pattern adjustments I’d made.  Turns out not so much and I’m still not sure why.  I’ve come up with three possibilities.  I’m missing something with the math conversion, my cable and twisted rib gauge is significantly smaller than typical compared to stockinette (the gauge swatch was stockinette), or I have large wrists in ratio to my hand size.  No matter what the cause I know I need to rip back and tweak it to get the look I want.  Now I’m sad.


  1. But determined. You will figure it out. 🙂


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