I was bad

July knitting hours = 10.  Impressed = no.

Fortunately August is going to be a big knitting month and that means something to blog about!  First, the Chicago Yarn Crawl is happening.  It runs August 1st – 9th.  Then next weekend is Stitches Midwest.  That’s two big shopping sprees two weekends in a row!   I might need to buy some new storage containers after this.

Some July catch-up for those wondering:

  1. Family vacation up at Castle Rock Lake was lots of fun.  Nice relaxing break for everyone.
  2. I can eat bread again.  I’m not intolerant to anything but stress =)
  3. I’ll be posting again this month

Ugh, that’s it.  July really did go by so fast! What a relief to be in August.


  1. 10 hrs beats 0 hrs. More knitting = less stress (at least for me) I know you have new yarn to use, soon your stash will be as big as mine. Just sayin’.

  2. singlestitchknit says:

    I only have a wall not an entire closet to dedicate to my stash! I think you’ll safely stay ahead of me there!

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