Bread, You Are Not My Friend

My Dear Bread,

This is a sad day.  I have to reevaluate our relationship.  All your yummy brownies, donuts, cookies, muffins, and my favorite: garlic bread.  No matter how much I have loved you, you are not loving me back.  I didn’t know.  I thought our love affair was mutual but alas you have been betraying me.  I thought it was the greasy food, added sugar, or perhaps the dairy.  Anything but you.

But after two weeks of trying to reconcile I must admit the truth.  We may just be at that point of irreconcilable differences and have to part ways. Let’s start with a trial separation but after my appointment with the doctor in July it may have to be permanent.  If that is the case I will miss you.  You are amazing.



  1. 🙁 At least you know when to let go.

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