Percy Shawl – WIP #2

Percy Shawl WIP Chart A Closeup

Chart A for the Percy Shawl is done with 12 repeats instead of the original 4.  Hopefully this is enough to give Laura a nice sized shawl instead of one of “those tiny things I’d look ridiculous wearing.” I’m loving lace again after finishing this section and I’ve remembered/re-learned a couple more things about lace knitting.

  1. Stitch markers are your best friend. You don’t have to count hardly at all if you use them properly and fixing mistakes is much easier when you have a small section to find it in!
  2. The more repeats of a chart you do the easier it gets. You flow into the proper cadence and realize a missed stitch without consciously thinking of it.  This is the reason I love doing lace
  3. Charted patterns are the best.  It’s so much easier for me to read a chart than those long written out instructions for each row.
  4. Wrong side of lace is boring, boring, boring.  Once you’ve achieved #2 it’s no longer a relief to have a simple purl row but a chore.
  5. It’s not easy taking pictures of unblocked lace!
  6. Stitch markers are amazing.  That’s worth repeating.

Percy Shawl WIP Chart A

I’ve been trying to think of a new topic for another tutorial and think chart reading may be it.  Knitting from charts is so enjoyable and it’s sad to think of how many knitters I know don’t even want to try. Since there are several different types of charts maybe I’ll play with the idea of a series of posts for each type then consolidate into a tutorial page at the end.


  1. I love it!

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