Spring 20 Day Reset Done!

Brownie Indulgence

I did it!  I’m done with the 20 Day Spring Reset and onto learning how to maintain. I picked a brownie for my first post-reset indulgence.   I’m sad to say that indulgence gave me heartburn.  Pizza and other greasy foods have always been the culprit on my few occasions of heartburn so I was not expecting that!

If I want to continue these good eating habits I need to accept that at least 2 hours of every day is devoted to meal prep, cooking, and clean up.  That’s a big commitment.  Originally I thought I would be relieved when the 20 days were over but now that it’s over I’m not very excited.  That heartburn may have a had something to do with it! I’m going to miss the full day meal plans and the accountability that came with it.  I  went ahead and signed up for the vegetarian reset starting June 14th.  While I won’t follow it nearly as strictly as this one it will give me those breakfast & lunch meals I’m already missing.

Some things I noticed during the 20 days:

  1. I don’t need many calories.  Eating 1000 calories, healthy calories, left me full most days.  I kept to at least 1200 but didn’t really need the snacks I added.
  2. Almond milk is okay but coconut milk is awesome
  3. My ability to focus for more than 30-60 minutes at a time has drastically increased
  4. I have more energy but those 2 hours of meal preparation are taking a lot of it
  5. Your body can tell you important things about yourself
  6. If your body is yelling at you everyday you learn to stop listening to those important thing
  7. If I want to make brownie cupcakes again I need to reduce the baking time by another 5-10 minutes 😉

I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks while I wait for the vegetarian reset recipes.   So far I’ve pulled my favorites recipes from the 20 days but most of those are breakfast.  I’m not sure 3 breakfast recipes a day are going to get me that healthy balance I need!


  1. I hope you get some good vegan recipes – meat hates me most of the time, so I could use some suggestions.

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