Inventory #2 – WIP

Petrosinella WIP

Time for more inventory!  Again I picked what I thought would be the next simplest task and again I found more than expected.  I thought I had two or three WIP sitting around but found a few more than that.  The ones I’m keeping are now in Ravelry and the rest are frogged. Clean up done!

Here are the projects I kept but moved to hibernating status until I get to them again:

  1. Petrosinella Sock (above)
  2. Gray anklet sock with purple toes – I was right in my post about last year’s projects.  I do have a pair for myself!
  3. Henkäys-huivi Scarf – The pattern was in Finnish but due to the chart I was able to get started
  4. New Day Scarf – Barely got past the cast on for this one
  5. Angela Bag
  6. Grosbeak Flip Top Mittens – I would love to finish these but not sure my notes are enough to remember what I was doing and continue


Grey-Purple Anklet WIP

Finnish Scarf WIP

New Day WIP

Angela Bag WIP

Mittens WIPAnd finally if you are still reading down this far here’s all the projects that were frogged. These were all over five years old and most of them were meant as practice or to learn a new skill.  I just never got around to the frogging before now. I think I might make a scarf with that pink/purple variegated yarn eventually.

Early WIP - Frogged



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