Shawl Challenge – Percy Shawl WIP

Percy Shawl WIP

Two weeks ago a shawl challenge with my friend Laura got me some gorgeous yarn to play with the very next day! She picked the Percy Shawl pattern from her Pinterest board. I was a little slow getting started because honestly I forgot how to knit with lace yarn.  I may not have been quite ready for this yet.  Here’s what I’ve remembered so far:

  1. Lace looks like a tangled mess until you block it.
  2. Lace is so much easier with really sharp needle points.  I might be shopping for that soon.
  3. Safety lines are your friends.  I need to look that up again too.

Wish me luck everyone.  We all know that now that I’ve started I’m way too stubborn to stop!


  1. Can’t wait to wear it! 🙂


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