Tedious Inventory #1 – Books & Magazines

Book Inventory

I’ve finished my first inventory task!  I picked the easiest task first with the knitting books and magazines. I’ve got them all in my Ravelry library.  When I started I thought I might have about 5 books and maybe half the magazines to add.  It turned out I needed to add about half the books and almost all the magazines.  That was 32 books, magazines, and patterns!

I’m glad I did this.  I love being able to search for patterns straight from the Ravelry library instead of going book by book. While I like getting pattern books for gifts I very rarely buy them myself.  I find inspiration from them but my favorite are the technique books.  After that the stitch dictionaries are very useful especially if I’m looking to modify a pattern.  Once I start writing more patterns I bet use those stitch dictionaries a lot more!

Until then the book I use the most is Cast On, Bind Off.  It’s a great reference book with simple clear instructions and pictures.  The cast on and bind offs are organized by type and features which really helps when I want to substitute for a different cast on or bind off.  Each set lets you know what type of projects they work well with and a picture of what the edging looks like with that cast on or bind off.  I really do use this book all the time.

I’m really excited for a new book out today, Increase, Decrease.  I hope it turns out as useful as Cast On, Bind Off!

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