TKGA MHK1 Hiatus

I realized that I left my progress with the TKGA Level 1 Master Hand Knitter program unknown.  I had originally wanted to try to catch up with some back posts but quickly decided to start back up in January.  Why?  Well honestly I just had things that were more fun or more important to me and this was the area I let go of for the year.  So what have I been doing instead?

1. Work – I got a promotion when my boss left and a lot of my mental resources have been used towards learning my new roles.  I’m in a good spot now but for a while there I was coming home exhausted every night.

2. My First Sweater – I wanted to finish this by Christmas.  The main reason was that I wanted my sister to take pics of me wearing it when she was in town that week. I may not need this anymore …

3. My Camera – I upgraded to a DSLR camera in part due to jealousy of the photos my sister is able to take and in part because without natural sunlight I turned out to be a horrible photographer.

4. Christmas Presents – I’d hoped to knit more presents this year but it looks like I’ll just get done what I can.  I’m making my favorites first =)

5. Family Time – I noticed that my two youngest nieces were growing up so fast that I was missing all of it!  I have no plans for kids of my own so I want to enjoy all my nieces and nephews (the plural on the nephews is hopeful) before the kids are teenagers and it’s not cool to spend time with your aunt.

So there you go.  I have not forgotten about the TKGA MHK1 and will be starting back up in about a month!


  1. I can identify! Jan 1 I am back to the Masters along with you!

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