Happy Thanksgiving and New Giveaway Pics

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I am going to be seeing my family later this afternoon so I better get this post out now.  I have better pics for the beaded belt giveaway I’m doing.  I was very disappointed in the quality of the pics I got for the buckles so I’m here to fix that today.

There is a story here but I will post that soon.  The short version is I bought a new camera and found out I couldn’t do what I wanted with it.  I bought the Canon Rebel T3 to replace my point and shoot.  Sadly the lens kit that came with it could not get me close up photos I was happy with.  Well all my knitting is close up!  I bought myself this early Christmas present: Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II lens.

The lens was delivered a few days ago so here are the new buckle pics for my giveaway which you can enter through Monday the 26th from this post: Giveaway – Beaded Cable Belt!

Gold Flower Buckle

Silver Circle Interlock Buckle

Butterfly Buckle

Silver Interlock Buckle

Gold Triple Flower Buckle

Gold Design Buckle

I wonder if people will change which buckle is their favorite with these better pics. Feel free to enter for the belt yourself or maybe as a Christmas gift for someone else!!

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